I’ve just returned from one of my favourite places – Chamonix Valley. This time I’ve been there for two weeks for two related occasions – climbing trainings and second try of climbing Mont Blanc. About our first try you can read here.

This post is about the first part and first week of the trip. And it was amazing ;) All the week was tightly filled with trainings and climbings. Each day brought something new and interesting. So let’s go step by step, day by day.

First two days after arrival were dedicated to the climbing and training of work in parties. We were staying in campsite near to Les Bossons, which has extensive rocks for trainings in different levels.

Clocher du Brevent

Our third day. And first real multi-pitch – Crakoukass. Great route and interesting climbing, good option to start with. The only unfortunate thing is that our party of four had different level of preparation. As result we did only 5 pitches of 8. But still it was great ;)


Mer de Glace

Fourth day. This day was dedicated to trainings on ice. Ice axes, crampons, self-arrest, etc. Especial part was introduction to the ice climbing, which I found the most exciting. It was more of preparation for work on glaciers during climbing of Mont Blanc. But more extended and useful.


Aiguille Petit Verte

Fifth day. Another interesting route. Combination of ice and rocks. The first part involved some skills of ice climbing. The second part was climbing by the ridge to the top.


Cosmiques Arete

And the gem of the whole program. Classic of the classics – Cosmiques Arete. Amazing route, which is done from the top of Aiguille du Midi cable car. You just go to 3810 m with cable car, descend to the glacier on the one side of the station, go around at 3600 m, and climb up back on the another side. All the route took us 4.5 hours.

The route - to the glacier on the left, go around the station and return from right
The route – to the glacier on the left, go around the station and return from right

For this route we were already well prepared and did it pretty fast. The weather was superb and all the day gave lots of emotions. I even think of doing it once more next year so good it was.


And the last day was just relaxed rock climbing in the same Les Bossons area. All together the program was pretty exciting. I believe will go there again next year as there are hundreds more of interesting routes ;)

And short video about our adventures ;)