The idea to go to Annapurna Circuit Trek was in the air for around 2-3 years. So finally we found time and squeezed it into the tight schedule of the travels ;)

In this post I present our itinerary. The itinerary is based on our actual timing, but does not reflect last 5 days exactly as we had them. Due to huge earthquake in Nepal our plans changed from original. I will not include earthquake into itinerary as it will not help you for planning the trip ;)

The structure of the trip can be simplified as Arrival Day – Trekking – (Reserve Days) – Departure Day. Arrival and Departure days to be spent in Kathmandu. As per my personal opinion it is not much to see and do in Kathmandu and those 2 days are totally enough. Way to the beginning of the trail and back to Kathmandu can easily eat 1-2 more days.

So here is detailed itinerary:

Kiev – Sharjah
Sleep in Sharjah Airport
Sharjah – Kathmandu
Make TIMS & ACAP permits
Arrange bus to the beginning of the trail
Kathmandu – Dumre
Dumre – Besisahar
Launch in Besisahar
Besisahar – Syange (1100 masl)
Syange – Jagat

1100 masl ▸ 1300 masl, 3 km

Jagat – Chamche

1300 masl ▸ 1385 masl, 4 km

Chamche – Tal

1385 masl ▸ 1700 masl, 5 km

Tal – Dharapani

1700 masl ▸ 1900 masl, 6 km

Dharapani – Danaqyu

1900 masl ▸ 2200 masl, 4 km

Danaqyu – Koto

2200 masl ▸ 2640 masl, 10 km

Koto – Chame

2640 masl ▸ 2710 masl, 2 km

Chame – Bhratang

2710 masl ▸ 2850 masl, 7 km

Bhratang – Upper Pisang

2850 masl ▸ 3310 masl, 8 km

Upper Pisang – Ngawal

3310 masl ▸ 3680 masl, 9 km

Ngawal – Manang

3680 masl ▸ 3540 masl, 10 km

Acclimatization day in Manang

There are a lot of options for a day hike, you can find a map and list of them at ACAP checkpoint in Manang

Manang – Yak Kharka

3540 masl ▸ 4050 masl, 9 km

Yak Kharka – Letdar

4050 masl ▸ 4200 masl, 1 km

Letdar – Thorong Phedi

4200 masl ▸ 4450 masl, 5 km

Thorong Phedi – High Camp

4450 masl ▸ 4850 masl, 2 km

High Camp – Thorong La

4850 masl ▸ 5416 masl, 4 km

Thorong La – Charabu

5416 masl ▸ 4230 masl, 6 km

Charabu – Muktinath

4230 masl ▸ 3800 masl, 4 km

Muktinath – Jomsom

3800 masl ▸ 2720 masl, 19 km

Jomsom – Pokhara
Day around Pokhara
Extra Day

This is an extra day in case there would be no flight from Jomsom due to strong winds, which happens quite often.

Extra Day

One more extra day, in case if there are no flights from Jomsom - trekking further to Pokhara may take 3-4 days

Bus or flight to Kathmandu
Kathmandu – Sharjah
Sharjah – Kiev

And more helpful information thanks to the board in one of the villages. I must say that this information is the most precise and accurate:

The most precise timing and distance info
The most precise timing and distance info

As for the costs of the trip I must say that Nepal is very cheap. All the costs for the trip, including one internal flight (Jomsom to Pokhara) with all overnights and all food, plus TIMS and ACAP permits cost us 340 USD. It is without international flight, which was extra 450 USD.

If you compare it to Alps for example, it would be hard to get that price for 15 days trip with nights in the huts and food and transport. At the same time logistics of everything is worse. It takes a lot of efforts and time to get to Nepal first, arrange permits, get to the trail. But still… it worth it.


More details about the trail with photos will follow.