After visit of the National Parks we continued to Salt Lake City, then Boston and finally New York. In this way we combined nature and cities.

Salt Lake City

Visit to SLC was pretty short – just one day. And I must say it is pretty much enough to see everything around. If I would have one more day here I even don’t know what else to do ;)


From SLC we took a flight to New York and from there a bus to Boston. Don’t ask why so complicated, it was just logistics requirements. Boston among American cities resembles Europe the most. In the downtown you wouldn’t find typical parallel streets and square blocks. Orientation around requires more skills than usually in the US ;)

New York

From Boston we took a bus back to New York where spent 3 wonderful days. New York City is huge. It consists of five boroughs, which are five separate counties. Each borough has a unique culture and could be a large city in its own right. The five New York boroughs are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.

Most of the time we spent on Manhattan. If we would have more time there…. Each of the boroughs have interesting places to see. But we decided to concentrate on the most famous part ;)

And that’s it! Three cities and each of them is different and each (or almost each) worth a visit.