This is a retrospective post from the middle of 2014,
when we finally reached Yellowstone!

Many people don’t know but USA National Parks is its biggest treasure. So for each my trip to the US these parks are either main goal or at least part of it.

As you know, I usually have pretty detailed day-to-day itinerary for the trip. For this trip itinerary was different – it was a list of sunrise/sunset times and GPS coordinates for good photo spots and opportunities. And even though we had to rework it due to weather conditions. As for the overnight we slept in our car – we rented big size SUV on purpose. This way it was easier to catch sunrise in designated spots ;)

So let’s start…

Grand Teton National Park

This park is located just to the south of Yellowstone and to the north of town of Jackson. As we were travelling from Salt Lake City we first reached Grand Teton before continuing to Yellowstone. The entry fee for Grand Teton Park also grants you access to Yellowstone.

Grand Teton National Park is famous for its stunning mountain vistas, its shimmering alpine lakes and its abundant wildlife. We had numerous photo points in the park – Mormon Row, Schwabacher’s Landing, Chapel of the Transfiguration, etc.

Yellowstone National Park

After Grand Teton we continued to Yellowstone. It was the world’s first national park, set aside in 1872 to preserve the vast number of geysers and hot springs. Travellers to Yellowstone can view more than 300 geysers (such as “Old Faithful”), pools of boiling mud, and an amazing assemblage of wildlife, such as grizzly bears, wolves, bison and elk, all while standing on the surface of the Earth’s largest known “super-volcano”.

From one point when I just started reading about Yellowstone and building some kind of itinerary I thought that all time we have is not enough to see everything. Later on in the park we had to shorten our visit to 2 days. Mostly because when you see geysers, geysers, geysers all the day – it becomes boring. Another reason was that it is actually better to come at least month later, when more trails are open.

Arches National Park

As we shortened our trip in Yellowstone, we got some extra time. So we added two more National Parks to our trip, that lay just next to each other – Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

They both are in Utah’s Canyon Country near the town of Moab. Arches National Park is home to the world’s greatest concentration of natural arches, including the famous Delicate Arch. There are many hiking trails in the park and lots of photo opportunities.

Canyonlands National Park

As I wrote before – our next and last park was Canyonlands National Park. It is divided into three districts not connected by roads interior to the park: the Island in the Sky, the Needles, and the Maze. The Island in the Sky offers sweeping vistas over the lower two districts; the Needles and the Maze are more rugged, backcountry districts that offer excellent backcountry hikes and camping.

All in all the raid among national parks we superb! After visit to the park we continued to complement our trip with some cities – Salt Lake City, Boston and New York. But about it in the next post…