What to do if you have only 4 days in August? Of course go hiking! ;)

We had only 4 days for the trip and I’ve been looking for possible options. One I checked was a flight Kiev – Prague. And just occasionally I noticed that now it is connection flight with a stopover in some KSC. In a few minutes I already knew that it is Kosice in Slovakia and it is just an hour from High Tatras. The flight was pretty good by time plus I wanted to go to High Tatras. So the decision has been made.

Skalnete Pleso
Skalnete Pleso

Initial plan was to do 3 days of hiking in Tatras and then stay one day in Kosice. But during the trip we changed the plan to the one below. In fact High Tatras turned out to be much smaller than I expected ;)

Kiev – Kosice
Kosice Airport - Railway Station
Kosice - Poprad
Poprad - Tatranska Lomnica

Then take a cablecar to Skalnate Pleso

Check In to Encian Chata

Some small rest after exhausting transfer...

Trek to Zelene Pleso
Vysokohorská Chata Encián
Skalnata Chata - Zamkovského Chata

Breakfast Time

Zamkovského Chata - Hrebienok
Hrebienok - Sliezky dom

Launch Time

Sliezky dom - Tatranska Polanka
Tatranska Polanka - Poprad
Walk around Poprad

6 hours in this gateway to High Tatras

Poprad - Bratislava
Bratislava - Vienna
Around Vienna

Schonbrunn Schloss, Museum Quartier, Karlsburg Platz, etc...

Star Inn Premium Hotel
Vienna - Bratislava
Walk around Bratislava

Slavin Memorial, Bratislava Castle, Old Town

Bratislava - Kosice
Railway Station - Kosice Airport
Kosice – Kiev

First two days were dedicated to hiking. There is a classic route called Tatranská magistrála. It is the longest trail available there with total length of 72 km. The most popular part of it goes from Chata pri Zelenom plese to Štrbské pleso. However due to high season it was impossible to go the route in the regular direction. So we made a few changes and started from Skalnaté pleso. From there we did a day hike to Chata pri Zelenom plese and back (10.6 km roundtrip, with 746 m ascend and descend).

We stayed in pretty basic Chata Encian at Skalnate Pleso and on the next day started second part of the route. First we descended to Zamkovského chata (2.8 km, 289 m descend). There we had our breakfast and continued our way to Hrebienok and then to Sliezsky dom. From Sliezsky dom we decided to go down to Tatranska Polanka to catch the train to Bratislava. Altogether second day was 11.9 km long with 466 m descend and 385 m ascend.

The trail is interesting, however the views are pretty similar if you’d go for 4 days hike. For short 2 days trip it is very good. So here is short video about it:

After arrival to Bratislava we continued to Vienna for one day. There are no photos from Vienna as I’ve been there before ;)

On the next day we came back to Bratislava to explore it as well and then continued to Kosice for our return flight.

Bratislava Old Town is relatively small but nice to wonder around. Day or even half a day is totally enough to explore all hidden places around ;) I liked it, but it is probably not the place where you want return and return…