I never thought about Greece as an interesting destination. Lots of different islands, sandy beaches and sunbathing — who would like it? 😉

The situation was such that I had to go there. So I started to think… if I anyway will be there which places should I go to in order to experience the most of Greece? I decided on going to Athens, Corfu and Milos to see a little bit of everything.

Kleftiko Beach at Milos

Greece has plenty of different places and types of sights… It might be an ancient history in Athens and around. Or green mythological island of Corfu. Or famous Cyclades with numerous beaches and white houses. As I wasn’t expecting to return to Greece anytime soon I wanted to take everything possible from this trip. It caused slightly difficult logistics having just 7 days for the trip, but… The itinerary as usual is at the end of the post.

Sunset at Milos Island


It was not possible to miss Athens — a capital of the ancient civilisation. At the same time it is not much to see and do there — Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Plaka District and a few other sights. Even if you are keen on museums than 2 full days are maximum. We had just two half-days and it was pretty enough. All the pictures you see here were taken just in one half-day.

Corfu Town

After Athens we took a flight to Corfu, green mythological island to the west. There we rented a car, this is the most convenient way to move around. All in all we had 3 days on this island. It is pretty much enough if you are not super fun of relaxing on the beach for hours…

The first place we went to on Corfu was Old Town. It is very atmospheric. Dense labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys gives it a special mood. Sunshower added on top of it 😉 It was nice just to wonder around and get lost in this labyrinth. One of the most famous sights in Corfu Town is Old Castle, however I found New Castle to be much more interesting — it has great location, less crowded and overlooks whole town.

Around Corfu

We’ve spent about half a day in Corfu Town and then continued the circle around the island. There are no specific points where you should go on Corfu and at the same time there are plenty of them. So we’ve started with a nice beach at Kassiopi and then continued to Old Perithia Village before sunset. Basically these two points represent most of Corfu — beaches and nice old villages.

On the next day we continued around the island counter clockwise — first to Nymfes, then Lakones, Palaiokastritsa, Mirtiotissa Beach and further to the southeast. Till the end of the day we were pretty much entertained with all the villages and beaches and had enough of them.

So the next day was dedicated just to Achilleion Palace and half-day cooking classes. I already wrote about cooking classes in South Korea. It is a kind of local culture experience. We found a cooking school in Corfu — Ambelonas. And it was another great experience — plenty of tasty food cooked by us and for us 😉


Early morning on the next day we departed to the airport and took a flight to Athens and then to Milos. Milos is a great example of Greece Cyclades, an island group in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. Another examples are Santorini, Anafi, Kimolos and other known names.

I thought that it is going to be boring there as most of these islands are famous for their beaches. However… renting ATV was a great idea. Aside from multiple beaches Milos has great terrain for off road riding. Just take powerful enough ATV or Buggy and you’ll have plenty of fun!



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