Another short California trip…

For this trip we’ve selected Redwoods National and State Parks and Del Norte. About 2.5 days in total, maybe like 4-5 hours driving from San Francisco and about 10 nice pictures. The parks are old-growth rainforests full or giant sequoias and redwoods. There is number of trails available in the parks so you can spend anything from just an hour up to a few days here.

The variety of pictures is not wide, but the trip is very enjoyable and atmospheric. Consider it as a good choice if you have 2-3 days and looking for some relaxation. As usual there is selection of choice for places to stay but we got to the model with sleeping in a car in quite areas. It allows us to have good spots for sunset and sunrise. And if you take minivan it is pretty much comfortable. The next thing to try is Jucy Car Rental, which transform a regular car to kind of travel approach.

Del Norte