This is a part of 8 days trip around South Korea.

Jeju Island is an island off the southern coast of South Korea. It has many different names — “Island of the Gods”, “the Hawaii of Korea” and so on. It is believed to be the best vacation spot in South Korea. Many Koreans, Chinese and others visit the island. The flights to Jeju depart each 15-20 minutes from Seoul.

When you look at the options to do and see at the island you’ll find wide variety — hiking to Halla-san, Korea’s highest peak, multiple other hiking routes, watching sunsets and sunrises, waterfalls and so on… Despite all of this were very really disappointed by the visit. While being so much promoted destination it is difficult to compare the island even to Crimea… Probably if you are looking for something close to China or weekend breakout from Seoul it is an option, however spectacular-wise it is pretty poor.

But lets go step by step. If you look at the itinerary it has our initial plan. We had to change it a lot. First thing that struck us was car rental. Before going to Jeju I’ve checked rules to rent a car. Car is the best way to move around island. But South Korea requires you to have International Drivers License additionally to your local drivers license in order to rent a car. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a proper IDL in Ukraine. The one I got was rejected by car rental agencies. So we were left without car… All the hotel were pre-booked. And they were in locations not really close to the places where public buses run. So… our schedule was totally broken. Long distance buses may run with 1-2 hours interval, plus the time to walk to the hotel… Locations like Jeju Loveland were just too far to spend time getting there with a bus.

Another think that highly affected our plans was the weather. It was raining for 2 days out of 2.5 that we were at the island. Obviously it was difficult to enjoy the hike to Halla mountain during the rain, so we had to cancel this as well.

Anyway, being persevering we still saw most of the spots we planed to see… And you can see them on the pictures above. Well… Jeju is probably good option if you live in Korea and want to have some weekend trip. But as a dedicated destination… very questionable…