This is a part of our 18-days Asian Trip. Check full itinerary.

As you probably know from the last post about Hong Kong we replaced one of the days of the original schedule with a trip to Macau. It was pretty easy — you just go to the China Ferry Terminal in Kowloon, jump on a ferry and in an hour and a half you are in Macau. Ferries leave each 30-60 minutes depending on the time of the day. Do not forget to take your passport and departure card with you as you are actually leaving Hong Kong and entering Macau as separate independent territories.

Right after arrival we did what many come to Macau for — went to one of casinos. When you arrive to the port, there are a dozen or more of shuttle busses there. All are waiting to take you to the respective casino. So it is a good way to get into the downtown part. Even though its just about 20 minutes walking.

So we were brought to Wynn Casino, one of the newest one. My friends have never been to casino before, so we gave it a try. In about 20-30 minutes I made a half on top of the money I played with and we left not to chase fortune more ;)

Macau was a Portuguese colony for some time. So downtown part has some buildings of that epoch, especially cathedrals. They look a little bit odd there, like somebody just took a colonial type of building and put it right in the middle of typical asian street.

On arrival we got a copy of a free map and walked along one of the heritage trails. It took us about 2 hours for kinda “main trail” going from the centre of Macau Peninsula to it’s southern part.

After finishing a trail we took a bus to the northern part of Macau Peninsula to look at another sight — a gate to the Greater China. In fact there was a small “gate” in front of a huge border crossing terminal building. Again with tons of people ;)

From the gate we just walked back to the casinos district, cought a shuttle back to the ferry terminal and departed to Hong Kong. So the trip took just one full day. It is a great side trip from Hong Kong if you have extra time there.