The Kingdom in the Sky is an unofficial name of a tiny country squeezed into South Africa — Lesotho. The lowest point of the country is the highest among all countries in the world — 1400 meters.

When I did my research about Lesotho I found out that this is a brilliant country in the highlands with friendly and welcoming people… where it is almost nothing to see and visit :) Um… meticulously it is not true — there are Semonkong Falls, Katse Dam, Kome Caves and some dinosaur footprints. And that’s about it.

Still, being so close to Lesotho didn’t let me to just skip the country so I took the opportunity of the single day tour. As I was travelling with a shared bus, the only possible choice was to get one of the tours. Again, a bit more of research and I’ve contacted a guy named Rudi Botha, who turned out to be an excellent guide around the area.

Let’s go!

We started around 7-8 in the morning from Durban. The way to the famous Sani Pass took about 4.5 hours. The road definitely requires 4×4 and takes time. On the other hand some parts of the road were under construction leading to idea that it might become better some time.

According to Wikipedia Lesotho has around 300 days of sunshine annually. Uh.. I management to visit the country during that small period of no-sun-all-day-rain days :( But I had no choice, so there is nothing to complain about. After passing Lesotho passport control (don’t forget to check your visa requirements) we did a stop in the highest pub of Africa.

After the lunch we continued our way. In about half an hour we reached the village, where Rudi became part of the local “village family”. We’ve spent some more time chatting with locals, enjoying local food and taking pictures of the village. Unfortunately we had just about an hour as the way back was about same 4.5 hours.

All in all this tour doesn’t go to any of the “main attractions” I’ve listed above, but it lets you visit the most important part of Lesotho — its people. Sit with them, talk, know more about their lives, share some meal. I think it is the best Lesotho has to offer.